Feedback Information on the Heirloom Varieties

The first form will be due June 15th, the second will be due August 1st and the third will be due Sept 15th. Participants have already received the first form and will be emailed the second and third forms soon. If you did not receive the feedback form or have any question please email

Feedback Form 1

About You

How long have you been gardening?
Have you saved seed before and if so what did you save? Did you grow it again then next year and did it produce what you expected?

Growing Areas

Describe your growing area (raised beds, backyard garden, community garden plot, farm etc) and take a few pictures of your garden.
What is your soil type and do you know your soil pH?
Did you add amendments to your growing area and if so what did you add?
Do you have full sun and approximately how many hours of sun do you get?
Is your garden rain watered only or do you water it?

Starting Seed

How did you start each of your seed varieties? Did you direct seed into the ground or start inside in pots and then transplanted into the garden?
What were the germination rates of each variety? (approximate %)
Did you use all of your seed? Did you run out and wish that you had more?

This information will be due June 15th and we will send you an online form to record this information

Feedback Form 2

How is it going so far?

Did any of your plants die? If so how many?
What are the water requirements of each variety?
How is each variety resistance to pest and disease?
What pests and diseases were found on the varieties?
What did you do to treat pest and diseases?
Did you weed your growing area?
Have you harvested any varieties and if so what?
If you are growing non-heirloom trial varieties how do they compare?
Due August 1st

Feedback Form 3

The Best Part, Harvest and Taste!

What was the yield of each variety?
Rate the flavor and taste of each variety. (From a scale of 1-5)
1-No flavor and/or bad taste
2-Not great flavor or taste
3-Neutral; neither bad nor great taste
4-Good flavor and taste
5-Excellent flavor and taste
What was the uniformity of the produce (did you get all different sizes and shapes or were they mostly the same)?
How do you think this variety did? (1-5)
1-Terribly and/or died
Would you grow it again? (1-5)
2-Maybe in a different growing area
4-Very likely
5-Yes definitely
If you are growing non-heirloom trial varieties how do they compare?
Any other comments on the trial and suggestions for next year.
Due Sept 15th

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