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Slow Food Huron Valley Recommends

As a local chapter of the international Slow Food organization, we follow the charter to promote “good, clean, and fair” food for all. In this context, good indicates food that is tasty, fresh and healthy for you. Clean is food that is grown in ways that contribute to biodiversity and do not degrade our ecosystems. Fair means that, from farm to table, workers are paid a living wage and are treated with dignity, and that animals are treated humanely. Increasingly, we emphasize local sourcing as an aspect of community food security in a world facing climate change.

csa-1A membership with a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm is one of the best, most cost effective and healthiest ways to provide “good, clean, and fair” food for your family.  This image from the Lexicon of Sustainability explains what CSAs are all about. Come to our annual CSA Fair to meet your farmers!

As part of our educational mission, we want to provide resources for people to find and learn about the excellent farms, restaurants, artisans, and small scale producers in our area.  And we want to highlight businesses that practice Slow Food principles.


Grange Kitchen and Bar
Local sourcing emphasized and displayed, seasonal dishes, workers participate in the success of the restaurant

Silvio’s Organic Pizza
Authentic Italian cuisine is featured, many local sources used including herbs grown in the restaurant and the regular workers always seem to know about the food and show evidence of mutual caring.

The Lunch Room
Creative vegan foods that are freshly done.

 Zingerman’s Roadhous
The owner-chef provides many of the ingredients used and others come from other local farmers, other foods used come from the local Zingerman’s Bakery, Creamery, and Coffee Roasting businesses, and many young food lovers are trained in the ways of top restaurant styles.


Prepared Meals

Harvest Kitchen
Healthy, whole food dishes are prepared using ingredients from local farms for subscribers, farmer’s market customers and for online orders. The labels show the sources of all of the ingredients and whether they are organic.  In addition to omnivore and vegetarian options, there are also vegan and gluten-free choices.  And limited delivery as well.



The Brinery
Traditional lacto-fermented foods to “stimulate your inner economy.”

Sweet Dirt
Incredible local, seasonal ice cream and sorbets.



Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market
315 Detroit St. Ann Arbor, MI
January – April: Saturday only from 8 AM – 3 PM
May – December: Wednesday and Saturday from 7 AM – 3 PM
June – October: Wednesday Evening Market from 4 PM – 8 PM

Follow their blog to learn more:

Downtown Ypsilanti Farmers’ Market
Ferris St. (between S. Adams and S. Hamilton), Ypsilanti, MI
May – October: Tuesday only from 2 PM – 6PM

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